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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


*Welcome, City Council members, County Legislators and distinguished guests. After 11 months of blogging, our ability to offer up a complete State of the Blog Address is much stronger than it was 11 months ago. For almost a year, coming to this blog each and every day has been a joy and we want to begin today by thanking each and every one of you that has made this blog the most popular one in Troy.

It may sound ridiculous to some, but we give you our word that the state of this blog is positive. But, the Troy Polloi faces a crossroads. One road leads to complete sarcasm and the other to complete satire, let us hope we have the wisdom to choose the right path.

First, a Blog is nothing if it doesn't have the proper staff. We'd like to thank our Action Team who have been responsible for the great upkeep of each post. No matter the weather, the posts are always free and clear of snow and ice. The Action Team is also responsible for keeping the posts clean and our blog posts have never looked better. Thank you Action Team!

What have we accomplished in this first year? We have had over 44,000 visitors, more than Troy and Schenectady combined. In November, we tipped the charts at over 5,000 visitors. During the week, 160-170 people visit. During the weekends, 70-90. Some people are even bringing their families, making the TP a family destination.

Under a new pilot program, we have condemned over 30 area politicians and have demolished over 15 politicians that have refused to stay up to code. In addition, we implemented an absentee politician registry and are working diligently to penalize negligent, absentee politicians.

Although we can't please everyone (a few have likened our work to canine feces), feedback has been positive. Other area blogs have taken the time to recognize the Troy Polloi (see, Upstream, Albany Eye, Albany Girl....). We even coined a new word, 'Schenectoid', that received NYCO's prestigious Word of the Week Award.

Finally, the TP has appeared in Talespin twice as well as the Times Union.

We have accomplished all of this while only raising the price of this blog 8.5%, most of which was necessary due to healthcare costs, overtime and pensions.

Most of all, we want to thank the area's public officials: without you, this blog would not be possible. Thank you and God Bless.

- Democratus

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* Sorry, but we are mandated by the Code to give this address

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