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Monday, February 13, 2006



John Faso wants to be our next governor. The former GOP Assemblyman and Assembly Minority Leader is being set-up as the "conservative" alternative to former Massachusetts Governor William Weld. Faso ran for Comptroller against Hevasi in 2002. Hevasi won easily but the race was closer than many thought it would be.

Lets flashback to 1998. Joseph Cavallaro was a motel owner and a Greene County resident. Cavallaro wanted the installation of a State Park sign hastened. He believed it would help his, and other, businesses in the area. So......he phoned his Assemblyman. That was his first mistake. He phoned a few times, then some more.

Cavallaro was later interviewed by Dan Lynch. We don't have the transcript but wish we did. Cavallaro said he was treated quite poorly by Faso's staff and in particular by staff director Nancy Linehan. All in all Cavallaro made a dozen or so calls to Faso's various offices in a Quixotic attempt to beg an audience with his elected representative. Good help is so hard to find these days.

Since he couldn't get through to Faso, he called Faso's home (Faso's number was in the telephone book). Mr. Cavallaro stated that Mrs. Faso was very pleasant and agreed to pass the message along to Faso.

Cavallaro was then arrested, charged with Aggravated Harassment and hauled before Albany City Court Judge David Duncan.

We all know what happened here. Cavallaro became frustrated that he wasn't allowed to speak with Faso. Perhaps the dozen or so calls were overdoing it a bit, but Faso was a Republican in the NYS Assembly. How busy could he have been? What was he doing, drafting legislation that would never see the light of day? He should have called the guy back. But, that's not what makes John Faso a tool. Faso was so impressed with his importance that he failed to calm things down so they didn't get out of hand.

Do you ever get the feeling that all these guys stick together regardless of party? Instead of putting a halt to this nonsense, Cavallaro was prosecuted for aggravated harassment. The trial occurs over the course of two days and some of the taped phone calls are introduced. Sounds like a trial perfect for a young DA cutting his/her teeth, right? Who shows up to prosecute a misdemeanor in Albany City Court? Future District Attorney Paul Clyne. That's right, one of the DA's top trial attorneys shows up for the case.

The case was dismissed after the prosecution rested.

Republicans (once they have cleaned the vomit from their clothes, completed rehab, divorced their first spouse and completely alienated their children) like to talk about character. Faso has none. He's a two-bit punk that forgot he was supposed to work for the public. We bet he'll return calls if you're writing a check for his campaign. And remember, if he is elected, don't bother him too much. One man's constituent inquiry is another man's aggravated harassment.

Faso, an alleged reformer, now works for the lobbying firm of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips.


Pac said...

Remember this as it happened yesterday , Dan lynch Albany tu and wqbk radio covered this. Hon e David Duncan
Albany city court judge dismissed all charges. Brought by assemblamy man John fasso of kinderhook ny.

Robert Cox said...

He Should Have Been With Joe Bruno's Crew On The Train To NYC Where The X Boxer Joe Had To Let His Body Guards Go In And Clear The Club Cars So Him And His Garbage Collectors F$$k Boys Could Play Cards.
Why Does Joe bruno Need Body Guards Cant He Man Up And Do It Himself !~~!
Funny How They Use The Law For There Own Needs And I Am Using The Word ( Law ) Loosely Vary Loosely !~~!
PS I Am Taking This Right From A CSX Retired Man He Told Me Over The Phone Maybe I Should Be Careful !~~!