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Saturday, February 25, 2006


Alright, kids, unfortunately we have to lay down some ground rules. If you don't listen, well turn this blog around right now and you'll be grounded.

Recently, a number of people who comment here have used the names of real people. Those comments are obviously not from the person they claim to be from. They're obviously done in jest. That's fine. If you want to post a comment from Dick Cheney, feel free.

However, some comments may contain information that make it appear that they were posted by the person who signed the comment. For instance, we have it on good authority that a recent comment regarding "Rooming Houses" was not written by anyone in Code Enforcement. The information in the comment was good: attributing that comment to someone who's livelihood might be placed in danger because of the comment was not good. It was bad....very bad!

Please, do not sign a comment with an alias that may get someone into trouble.

Secondly, we will not be attacking family members of politicians. If a family member holds office or is an appointed official, fine. They can be criticized for their public actions. What we don't want to see is someone attacking Harry's wife or Chappy's wife or any family member who is an innocent civilian. Capiche?

Hey, these things have to happen every ten years or so. It gets rid of the bad blood.

Check back later today or tomorrow for some lawsuit updates. It'll be pretty good.

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