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Thursday, February 16, 2006



New elected county legislator Laura Fasoldt has a good idea:

Newly elected County Legislator Flora Fasoldt, (D) District 4, together with Minority Legislators, today filed a Local Law to amend the Rensselaer County Charter's budget process to prevent any future post election pay raises for elected officials, as occurred after the 2005 Legislative Elections.

According to Fasoldt, "This local law will force any proposed salary increases for elected officials to be specifically identified in the tentative budget released by October 20th and then subject to two public hearings."

Fasoldt, whose term in the Legislature began January 1, went on to state, "While I was not part of the Legislature when these raises were approved, I believe elected officials must have the courage to tell the voters BEFORE an election that they are supporting raises for any and all elected officials. The manner in which the Majority avoided public review and comment is simply wrong and should not be allowed to happen again."

Fasoldt worked with Minority Counsel, Thomas Kenney, in preparing the charter amendment language that adds to Section 5.03 (A) (3) "Such tentative budget shall include all proposed increases in compensation for all elected officials. No increase in compensation for elected officials shall go into effect unless it has been specifically identified as a line item in the tentative budget."

Recently re-elected county legislator Neil Kelleher has a really good idea. A committee! Damn, that's exciting. The committee will have five members, three from the majority and two from the minority. It will be called, "Task Force 5" and each member will be given special super powers.

Neil, give us a break. You can reform the legislature tomorrow if you wanted to. First, retract your noses from the trough and rescind the pay raise. Second, get rid of that un-American requirement that you must register by 2:00PM on the day of a meeting if you want to address the legislature. Third, stop violating the Open Meetings Law by allowing Mirch to Caucus with the Republicans. You violate the law every time you caucus and you're going to talk to us about reform?

We love your new-found virginity but you're so full of Mirch your eyes must be brown.


Awhile ago we mentioned that you can't claim fiscal health when you're dependent upon state and federal grants. Looks like that may come home to roost.

Troy may take a hit and Albany could lose $1,000,000.


According to Fred Dicker, Assemblyman Pat Manning, a GOP hopeful for the governor's office is leaving his wife and kids for one of his campaign staffers. Always fun to watch the Family Values Party at work. However, Manning's private life is not our business (although it looks like business is good for Mr. Manning). The real fun is that he's accusing former Assemblyman John Faso of blackmail. According to Manning, a Faso staffer has told someone on Manning's staff that unless Manning withdraws from the race, Faso will make Manning's private life an issue.

Life is not without a sense of irony. Faso and Manning are competing for the same voter niche, conservatives. Although, one could argue that infidelity and blackmail are two traditional American values.

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