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Monday, February 06, 2006


We apologize for the lack of posting. That trip over to Union Street in Schenectady really wears you out.


Looks like Carolin Collier and Dave Mitchell combined for one of those "Steve Urkel" moments.

The centerpiece of Mayor Tutunjian's State of the City Address was bringing "in-house" certain Federal grants designed to aid low income homeowners or those aspiring to become homeowners. It's a promising idea, in theory.

After the Mayor's State of the City Address, two companion resolutions were brought to the floor. These resolutions pertained to the CDBG* money Harry wants "in-house".

Unfortunately, City Council President Bauer introduced the resolutions and then asked for a second, rather than referring the matter to a public hearing. An amendment was offered by one Council member and it was then withdrawn.

Corporation Council Dave Mitchell swung into action, passing a note** to Carolin Collier which Collier then parroted back.

For some odd reason, Collier tabled the resolutions. Now, the resolutions cannot be acted on until next month's meeting, when they have to go do it all over again. Seems an odd way of doing things, especially since Mayor Tutunjian made this the centerpiece of his State of the City Address and it is not a bad idea.

So, why is Mitchell scripting for Collier? Who did we elect?

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Did I do that?


As for the Mayor's State of the City....O'Brien had a good piece leading up to the speech. The State of ....anything speech is nothing more than a PR, media event. Nothing important is ever really said and hard truths are never discussed. That's not to single out Harry, it goes for mayors, governors and presidents. The only thing we will add is that it seemed that many of the accomplishments mentioned occurred in 2004, not 2005. We really liked the part....about.....zzzzzzzzzzz. Actually, more on the State of the City later this week. And our opinion may surprise you.


North Greenbush is simply the best. Better than Peyton Place. What do you get the town that has everything....Stalking.

* If it wasn't CDBG money forgive us. This crap gets complicated. It was some type of grant money

** The note stated, in part, "I know somebody who likes you."

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