The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Friday, February 24, 2006



With Governor Pataki and Congressman John Sweeney both stricken with unknown maladies the question must be asked: who benefits?

Police are not giving out much information but according to sources, someone has been named a "person of interest".

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Recently, City Spokesman Herr Buell made this comment about 3215 Sixth Avenue:

The configuration led the city to classify the building as a "rooming house," which is not legal in the city, said spokesman Jeff Buell

However, an alert reader actual read the City Code* and points out that Buell is wrong.

According to the Code, a Rooming House is defined thusly:

ROOMING HOUSE Any residence building, or any part thereof, containing one or more rooming units, in which space is let by the owner or operator to more than four persons who are not members of the same family. (See "dwellings," "boardinghouse.")

In the following section, we learn that you can operate a "rooming house".

§ 176-27. Rooming houses.

Every person who operates a rooming house, or who occupies or lets to another for occupancy any rooming unit in any rooming house, shall comply with the provisions of every section of this chapter, except as provided in the following sections....

So, where exactly does it state that a "rooming house" is illegal?

No big deal really but it makes you wonder, what else do they get wrong and why people take what they say as gospel?

*For an updated version of the City Code of Troy, go here. Do not go here, to the City Page. Their version is from 2003 and still lists Pattison as Mayor.

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