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Monday, August 01, 2005


Democratus is tanned, rested and ready. Ready for what? No idea. Hopefully for a Democratic sweep in November. Unfortunately, I'm not only a realist, but forever cynical so I don't hold my breath.

It has become increasingly clear that District Attorney Patricia DeAngelis may well be our next County Court Judge. Local attorney E. Stewart Jones sums up DeAngelis nicely:

E. Stewart Jones, a prominent Capital Region defense lawyer and a Republican with a Troy law practice, was one of the few attorneys willing to express a view for the record.

"That office has enormous power and justice is the obligation, but that responsibility has eluded her," Jones said. "She does not have a balanced view of the role of the DA's office in a high-profile case. There is a lack of mature judgment."

He added, "She is vindictive and retributive and sees herself as an avenging angel. In an overly emotional state, she becomes reckless." - From
Michele Morgan Bolton's July 26 article.

That about sums it up: Unbalanced and immature.

Our next County Court Judge?

If memory serves, Jones is a Republican who contributed a handsome sum to DeAngelis in her first race.

Democrats should be out and about finding a mature, well-respected candidate, preferably with a well-known and respected family name in Rensselaer County. Many may not know it, but DeAngelis is not a Rensselaer County politician. She's from Albany County, where she spent two years defending people accused of crimes. Republicans like to use that as campaign fodder against would-be Democratic candidates for DA. "We need a prosecutor, not a defense attorney!"

Well, Trish was a defense attorney, as was Bauer and as is possible DA Jack Casey. The line is old, false and played over and over again for the ignorant voter.

Find a good person with good credentials and a good family name and the race can be won. Andrew Ceresia, North Greenbush Town Judge comes to mind. There is also Rich McNally, a former ADA under Jim Canfield and a former Public Defender. If all else fails, the Democrats should approach someone like Greg Cholakis for the judgeship or the DA's race.

The next County Court Judge and the next District Attorney will be dispensing "justice" in Rensselaer County for years to come. Both DeAngelis and Casey are unfit for either position. This isn't a matter of mere politics. It goes straight to the heart of what our system is meant to be, fair and just. These are not positions that should be filled by party hacks.

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