The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Friday, August 26, 2005


It's Friday and time for some fun.

First, The Record has finally admitted it's a tabloid! Of course we've known it all along. We're glad to see that they have finally embraced their true journalistic station in life. Well done. Look out National Enquirer. We wish them luck with the new format.

We like to tease The Record but they do have some positives. Sound Off is a true gem and provides us with a good laugh. The sports section is well-done as are the reprint of stories from 1905. Reading stories from one hundred years ago teaches you that the essence of who we are changes very little over the course of a decade.

Finally, Talespin is always filled with useful political gossip which we always plunder.

Also in the know thy self category is Mirch. He finally admitted he's a law breaker. Again, we knew it all along. Glad to see he's finally on board.

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Mirch pledged to fight the two tickets in court (one ticket for using his cell phone and one for rolling through a stop sign) and true to his word, pled guilty. According to witnesses, Mirch threw himself on the mercy of the court, telling the judge that he couldn't do time because orange jumpsuits make his ass look fat.

True to his nature, he went on to whine about how hard he works and how services in Troy are so much better - all because Mirch has a cell-phone.
He said, "It's a convenience to the public. Say Mrs. Jones has a problem on her street. It's not a big problem, but to Mrs. Jones, it's the world. She can call me and we can get there in a few minutes."

Mrs. Jones, recently run down by a driver talking on a cell-phone, could not be reached for comment.

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