The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


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By Huggybear

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, HB is back. After weeks of negotiations a settlement has been reached. I'd like to thank Democratus, a true gentleman, for welcoming me back with open arms.

Word on the Street is that another defection from the DA's office is coming down the pike. Rumor has it that Joel Abelove is abandoning Captain Trish's sinking ship. What's this make it, about 125 resignations since Trish took the helm?

Huggybear can't blame Abelove. The straight-laced, gun and bible toting ADA probably thought he'd be the perfect man to take Kenny Boy's place. Then, he was passed over for DA (Disaster Area?) DeAngelis, a gal not even from our county. Then, she demoted him. Ouch! I'm surprised it took him this long to jump ship. Trish must have had his gonads locked away someplace safe. Well, maybe Joel will teach Trish how to try cases from the other side of the V.

Word on the Street is that Uncle Joe and the Brunswick Mafia are less than thrilled with Mayor Harry. Some even say they want him gone, gone gone! Harry and his cohorts don't seem able to return phone calls to the Senator's people. You don't want to piss off a man like Joe. Come to think of it, maybe that's why Joe wants to move City Hall to the crumbling Proctor's Theater. Accidents do happen.*

Word on the Street is that Troy's Corporation Counsel has farmed out another lawsuit to attorney John Bailey. This suit involves the Troy Police and should be a slam dunk for the City. What does Mitchell do for his $80,000 a year paycheck? I could send cases to Bailey and I'd do it for only $60,000. Maybe Mitchell mails the checks to outside counsel.

Word on the Street is that the political-hack power couple, Bob Mirch and Rich Crist are breaking up. Apparently one of them is dating Yoko. Seems Crist came home one day and found Mirch in bed with another party. The two have no children.

*The opinions expressed here are not necessarily the opinions of the Troy Polloi and any similarities between the characters depicted here and real people are unintended and coincidental.

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