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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


We don't want to belabor the Mirch-No Show Job issue....who the hell are we kidding. Yes we do.

Alleged Public Servant Bob Mirch collects three (3) paychecks at the tax payers expense. He pockets $75,000 as Commisar of the Troy DPW, $20,000 as a Rensselaer County Legislator and $30,000 as....political whore for Joe Bruno (we're not sure if Bruno would technically be classified as Mirch's Pimp but we like the way it sounds). We have even heard a rumor that Mirch will have his own suite at the proposed Jo-Ho Hotel in downtown Troy, complete with red light, satin sheets and hourly rates.

So, in return for all of his service, Mirch pockets $125,000. We can't begrudge him the $20,000 as County Legislator, after all he earned that by running for office and winning. The DPW job is an obvious pay-off for helping Harry waddle into City Hall. We suppose that happens on both sides so fair is fair, although it is a bit steep for a glorified garbage man.

The $30,000 salary for the No-Show job is simply too much. Last we knew, Public Servants did their job as, well, a public service. Traditionally, a capable person entered public service for a trade-off: lower pay but good benefits. It was a trade off based on the theory that a capable person could get more in the private sector and was sacrificing something in order to serve the public.

Mirch, Crawley, Tutunjian would last about five minutes in the private sector. They simply would not be able to compete. Therefore, they have to pad their retirement accounts at our expense. They all do it, Republican and Democrat alike. Mirch is merely the symptom (an egregious symptom, true) of a larger problem.

The Troy Polloi is now throwing it's full editorial weight behind a call for Mirch's resignation. Our streets and wallets are not safe with Mr. Mirch on the loose. We also call on DA DeAngelis, DA Soares and the Rensselaer County Legislature to conduct a full investigation into No-Show Bob.

It may interest people to see a comparison of what a Public Servant earns as opposed to an average Trojan. According to the 2000 Census, 1.5% of Troy households earned $100,000 or more. Sweet deal that public service stuff. We also changed Mirch's photo under Peanut Gallery (over on the right) to better reflect the true nature of his public service.

Image hosted by
Troy's DPW Commissioner after a hard day at work*

*No Republicans were hurt during the taking of the photograph

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