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Monday, August 29, 2005


Michelle Bolton has beaten the Democrats to the punch over Mirch's no-show Senate job. The Troy Polloi has learned that Democrats had already sent Foil requests earlier this year to the Senate requesting information on Mirch's Senate "job". Now, the cat's out of the bag.

It looks as if Mirch's political whoring for a few bucks is not limited to taking Troy and Rensselaer County tax-payer money. Not content with that, the Man-Whore is now turning tricks for Joe Bruno. The only trough Mirch hasn't got his snout in is the Federal Government trough. Maybe Sweeney can hook him up with something. Come on John, Mirch needs a few more dollars to feather his retirement nest.

Mirch, 56, is Troy's $75,000-a-year commissioner of public works. He's the Rensselaer County Legislature's $20,000-a-year elected majority leader. And, though not widely known, he's a $30,000-a-year constituent liaison for state Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno, R-Brunswick.

"I don't see it as a conflict, I see it as a public service," Mirch told the Times Union in a phone interview Friday -- an interview from his cellphone while he drove.

"That's the way my parents raised me," Mirch said. "I take calls on a range of issues pretty much seven days a week. I represent the majority leader in his district. People come to me with problems."

If you've had any dealings with Mirch you can't help but listen to him babble on about: being on duty 24-7 as Troy DPW Commisar; how he works for Troy a gazillion hours every day; how he's in bed by 9:00PM. Of course, everyone knows that he spends every weekend in his Lake George trailer. Blah, blah, blah.

Where does he find time for two full-time positions as well as his County legislative duties, his Conservative Party duties and his private business, "Victory Lane" a consulting firm?

Mirch's constituent relations position with the Senate has never been publicized. In fact, it's a fairly well-kept secret, though Mirch did list it on his most recent city financial disclosure. Mirch claims folks around Rensselaer County know they can call him when they need Bruno's ear.
He said he works seven days a week, nearly 24 hours a day in all three of his public jobs, with at least two hours a day dedicated to calls pertaining to Bruno.

The public has the right to see these alleged time sheets. In fact, given that his snout is so far wedged into the tax payers wallet, Mirch should account for all his time. Now for some follow-up:

1) If some one calls about a problem in the County, is Mirch acting as a legislator or Bruno lackey? Isn't he obligated to help them as a County Legislator?

2) Same for Troy. Isn't that his job anyway, either as DPW Commisar or a County Legislator?

3) If his job with Joe is such a service to the citizens, why was it such a well kept secret? Why not advertise the fact that Uncle Joe has such wonderful services?

You know what this smells like? You got it!

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People actually support this guy? We at the Troy Polloi say support whomever you like, but just know that public servant Mirch is laughing all the way to the bank.

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