The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Friday, August 12, 2005


Since it's Friday, we thought a light, precocious post would be in order.

We at the Troy Polloi have not heard from Mr. Gregor in quite some time. Mr. Gregor was guest-posting for the TP, writing a detailed 12-Step program for the Democrats. We hope he hasn't fallen off the wagon. We did hear a rumor that he was now out of the area, having transferred to Cornell Law School. If so, good luck Rob, we hardly got to know ya'.

Now, the TP's first letter to the editor (not really the first, but certainly the best):

Your website is the most biased, unethical alleged "news" website available. I guess it just goes to show how spiteful the Dems can become when they can't win a county-wide election. Maybe you should focus more on organizing your party and less on simply criticizing your opponents. And speaking of criticism, you should also concern yourself with attempting, repeat, at least attempting to determine the truthfulness of some of your "stories."

How dare you, Sir! You have attacked my honor! My second will be calling upon you.

Now, in all seriousness, every day in the United States hundreds of babies are born without a sarcasm gene. Scientists are working to prevent this horrible affliction, but they need your help. Please donate to this worthy cause.

The Troy Polloi and its crack staff of reporters makes every effort to verify the truth and accuracy of each post. Sometimes we spend five or six minutes performing this essential task. We also guarantee that our stories are 78% truthful and 82% accurate (a much better rate than many national publications).

As for rebuilding the party, we are unaware of any newspaper that is actively involved in helping to build any political party. That would violate our journalistic ethics (and frankly, it would be too much work).

Finally, the charge of bias hurts us deeply. We've made every effort to present a fair and balanced picture of Troy and Rensselaer County politics. The writer fails to explain exactly how the TP is biased. It's a typical charge thrown at news groups when the reader thinks a story reflects badly on someone they support. Just because you don't like an article doesn't mean it's biased. Remember, we report, you decide.

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