The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Friday, April 01, 2005


By Huggy Bear

Word on the street is that Republican officials will team up with milk carton manufacturers in an effort to find Councilman Bob Krogh. Krogh has not been seen at a committee meeting or council meeting since approximately February of 2004. However, it wasn't until last week that anyone noticed.

If you have seen Councilman Krogh or know his whereabouts, contact officials immediately. If you are Councilman Krogh and you are reading this, call Marge. She's very worried. You don't call or write or vote.

Word on the Street is that Deputy Dan and Bob Mirch violate the law everyday they are at City Hall. A Troy Polloi CI (confidential informant) who works at City Hall tells us that Deputy Dan's office is the official City Hall smoking lounge. According to the Public Health Law, that's a NO-NO. Mayor, don't let your people violate the law. Dan, Bob, we may want to see you out of government, but otherwise we hope you live long, happy lives. Try to quit. Contact the Public Health Department and surrender yourselves. I'm sure they'll take that into consideration when the fines are issued.

Word on the Street is that certain people at the Police Department aren't very happy. It seems the administration stuck its nose into the hiring of a secretary and a mechanic at the department. We haven't seen a spoils system like this since Boss Tweed.

Finally, word has it that a non-union employee has just received civil servant status, thereby making him impossible to fire. It's the golf course superintendent and it happens to be Harry's brother-in-law. Any more at home like him, Harry?

Next Week - The 'Weed & Seed' scandal. Watch the Mirch hit the fan.

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