The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


What can we say about the Democratic Lineup for City Council? It's kind of like finding out you have cancer, but it's been caught early.

We exaggerate. First, At-Large:

Frank LaPosta

Given the Democrats recruiting problems lately, this is a solid pick. Frank's won before and is a known quantity. On the downside, his seemingly half-hearted mayoral race against Tutunjian. All in all, it could be worse. We think Frank can win but we make no predictions.

Clemente Campana

We like him, personally. How he'll fair in an election is anyone's guess.

Mike LoPorto

Mike is an exciting pick. He represents everything great about the United States. Mike's an immigrant that made good. Mike knows what it's like to create a successful business rather than just inheriting one. He's got a good chance. The fact that he's Tutunjian's uncle by marriage could be a lot of fun. However, Mike is a gentleman and it would be poor form to expect him to go after his nephew just for sport.

District #1 Dan Doran

Doran has run and won before, serving on the Council until term limits forced him to step aside. He'll be running against someone, we can't recall his name. The downside, Dan is yesterday's party. On the other hand, given the current state of the party, that's better than nothing.

District #2 - Bob Martiniano

We've never heard of him, but that doesn't mean much. He may be well-known in the district. Is Foy interested in getting back into politics?

District #3 Peter Ryan

We'll be watching closely. Ryan is an interesting candidate. Art Judge is an empty suit, but the people seem to like the empty suits.

District #4 - Bill Dunne

The Republicans haven't said who will face Dunne in '05. Whomever does, will lose. The Republican smear machine has been in high gear, attacking the one democrat they can't beat at the polls. Dunne is on payed, administrative leave from the Republican dominated Dormitory Authority (the one Buono used to head). No charges have been brought. Still, certain despicable Republicans and Conservatives have taken it upon themselves to begin a rumor campaign. They had better be careful. If the Republicans want to head down that road, then we'll have to start talking about the Republican DWI's, spousal abuse, infidelity and a City Hall employee well-known for surfing porn in his down time.....Proof? Who needs proof. Rumor will make do.

And for the Democrats: stop acting like sissies. Hit back and hit back hard. Start foiling documents, hire a private investigator. If you want to beat the Republican thugs you need to get in the gutter, because that's where the Republicans dwell.

District#5 - ?

District #6 - ?

There's a rumor that the Democrats might cross-endorse Collier. That's a non-starter. Why? She'll never throw the Democrats a bone. She doesn't have to. Unless she falls down and breaks her hair, she'll win her race.

This pre-supposes that Harry doesn't declare a state of emergency, dissolve the City Council and attempt to annex East Greenbush.

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