The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Friday, April 22, 2005


The City Council wants to improve Troy housing conditions by implementing a Tenant-Landlord Registry. The registry would document the condition of rental properties and include voluntary inspections. Ultimately, the goal of the Tenant-Landlord Registry is to improve housing conditions throughout the city by, in part, cracking down on negligent, absentee landlords and by rewarding good landlords.

Although this particular plan was proposed by Councilman Mahoney, the concept is not new. In fact, it was set forth by Councilman Dunne during his campaign. His proposed legislation is actually on his website and has been there since the Summer of 2003. The plans differ in some respects, but the concept is the same.

It's an interesting idea and a good first step. Troy has a much higher percentage of renters than other similar cities. Renters deserve a decent place to live and landlords deserve decent tenents.
Of course, now that the Democratic Plan is out there, the Administration is jumping on the idea. Deputy Dan said, "We gotta get something on paper and we need it quick."

Good thinking Dan, but if you need it quick, where has the Administration been the last sixteen months? The concept for the Tenant-Landlord Registry and a draft of the legislation has been out there for almost two years. Ever since Mr. Dunne's campaign.

Good work Mr. Mahoney and Mr. Dunne. Don't let them still this issue from you. It's the Democratic Plan. Remember that at campaign time.

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