The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Saturday, April 09, 2005


1- The streets of Troy have become increasingly dangerous. Perhaps Mayor Tutunjian should bench Mr. Mirch for awhile. After all, using a cell phone while driving, rolling through a stop sign: it's just not safe on the city streets any more.

Prohibiting Bob from using a vehicle may be too harsh. Perhaps he should just take a pledge:

I, Robert Mirch, do hereby pledge that I will no longer endanger the citizens of Troy by illegally using my cell phone and by rolling through stop signs. I also pledge to comb all the crumbs from my moustache before I do the people's work. I will also cease violating Department of Health laws regarding smoking in the workplace. I will strive to be a better human being and to try and uphold the finest traditions of Christian Brothers University, my alma mater.

Robert Mirch

In fact, Bob, feel free to print that pledge out and send it to the City Council or The Record.

2- Speaking of the Mirch's, there's another one with their snout in the public trough. Mayor Tutunjian has removed Mrs. Conroy from the Zoning Board of Appeals (something he really can't do)and replaced her with....The 2nd (or is it 3rd? It's hard to keep up with the family values party)Mrs. Mirch.

The Mirch's, at the public trough: "Taxpayers money, em' good."

3- The Troy Polloi would also like to thank our friends at City Hall and Rensselaer County for getting us some documents on the Weed 'n Seed scandal and other matters. We know it's dangerous work and we appreciate it.

4- Vandalism at the Golf Course! Horrors! What person would drive over Troy's Gem? Considering a certain person's recent driving history......Harry may have to look close to home. Has anyone ever considered privatizing the course? It is a nice course and I use it often but should a municipality really own such a thing? It smacks of socialism. Or is it the patronage?

5- Good show, Harry! Mayor Harry came out and said that a bigger push should be made to recruit minorities for the Fire Department and Police Department. Praise is deserved. This isn't the first time though. A few years back a concerted effort was made to do the same thing and was unsuccessful because the departments had a hard time finding people to apply for those jobs. Very odd. We hope the current drive is more successful.

On Monday, we'll discuss why the Democrats have a snowball's chance in hell of capturing the City Council and even less of a chance in defeating Mayor Tutunjian in his re-election bid.

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