The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


How much does an endorsement cost? For George Rogers endorsement Tutunjian's paid approximately $20,000. A little too rich for our blood.

Here's the deal: George Rogers was the bargaining unit representative for CSEA. He wrangled an endorsement for Tutunjian. Now, Rogers will go from his previous civil service position (which was basically managing the South Troy Dodgers) to an appointed position. The new position will pay him approximately $20,000 more in salary. Tit for tat, quid pro quo?

The kicker is that Bob Barnes, a longtime city worker, will in all liklihood lose his job to make way for Rogers. Barnes is civil service. They can't give away his job but they can eliminate the position. Give it time. Barnes will be out, Rogers is in, CSEA will lose a civil service position and another crony will have his snout digging into the taxpayer trough.

This isn't the first civil service position elimated by this administration to make room for political appointees. At least three others have been eliminated.

The City Council has apporved a resolution that would pay Rogers the remainder of his current pay. That amounts to approximately $36,000 yearly. However, they say his new position will pay $55,000? So, where's that extra $20,000 coming from? Answers anyone?

An added benefit for the Republicans is that former City Councilman Keith Rogers has withdrawn from a county legislative race. We don't know what Keith's chances were, but he had won elective office before and was probably a stronger candidate than the one the Democrats will finally select. We like Keith and wish he would get back in the game.

We're less well disposed to a man that would stab his union in the back and aid in eliminating civil service jobs.

The idea of a non-political civil service was an uphill struggle fought and won by Republicans at the turn of the century. Its purpose was to limit patronage and to ensure that public employees could operate free of political arm twisting. This administration is systematically destroying that system and ushering in a second Boss Tweed Era. Good job boys.

Mayor Harry says, "Come get your political appointment, boys!"

Troy has become the financial playpen of the Republican Party. The spoils system is back and in October, the taxpayer will feel the pinch.

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