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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


What do you get the county that has everything? A tourism consultant. Yes, you heard us correctly. According to Ginny O'Brien (Deputy Minority Leader, Rensselaer County Legislature) the Republicans have passed a resolution to hire a tourism consultant. The consultant will be paid $12,750 for the balance of the year.

The big question: Who gets the job? We'll take a wild guess and say, someone from Bruno's office who wants to go part-time? Or perhaps a close relative of Jack Casey? You can bet it won't be an actual tourism consultant. For one thing, professional tourism consultants are too busy working there is actual tourism.

We at the Troy Polloi believe the Republicans are off base. Rensselaer County would do much better with a Cruise Director. We suggest Lauren Tewes (Julie from The Love Boat).

Rensselaer County's new Cruise Director

Perhaps some shuffleboard in the Tutunjian Lounge or drinks on the Mirch Deck. Maybe a walking tour of the scene of the Weed 'n Seed scandal. "On your right is the spot where someone from the county falsified a report to the United States Justice Department. And over here, this is where Republican appointees voted to release Mary Beth Anslow a few months early."

A few months ago, the tourism consultant position (say it five times fast without laughing) went down to defeat before the Republican-controlled legislature. Now, it's alive once again. O'Brien wonders why Republicans flip-flopped on the issue. That will become apparent when the position is filled. Maybe it will be a nice graduation gift for some son or daughter of a Republican.

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