The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


According to sources close to the Troy Polloi (not to mention two anonymous e-mails), the Democratic County Committee re-passed the revised County Party Bylaws.

We hear the vote was 130 or thereabouts to 15 or 20.

Schodack Committee person (and/or Schodack Town Chair) Tim Nugent lead the opposition along with North Greenbush Chair Jeff Spain.

Looks like Spain's lawsuit was moot, except for making the Dems re-do the meeting.

If the first meeting was invalid (and a judge ruled that it was) then Spain had every right to bring suit. Procedures should be followed and they exist for a reason.

Conversely, it would be nice to see the North Greenbush Democrats re-direct some of that energy into going after the GOP rather than each other.

Then again, if they did that would they still be Democrats?

All in all, we prefer the chaos of the Democrats to the eerie, Teutonic, lock-step discipline of the


What do you get a town that has everything? Why, another political party.

We like the Greenbush Party. It sounds....nice. Like they do a lot of gardening or something.

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