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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


In a recent e-mail kerfuffle, Council William Dunne questioned Mayor Harry about a GOP 'Meet the Candidates' night concert at Powers Park. Although framed in election-time language, it's a legitimate inquiry.

Mayor Harry's response fairly bristles with election-time language. The Mayor alos points out...

The event in the park tonight is not being paid for by the residents of Troy, nor is it a part of the Powers Park Concert Series, which officially ended last Saturday. You may have known that had you taken the time to attend any of the shows. The concert in the park tonight is being fully-funded by the City of Troy GOP committee- including the band, the facilities, and any other costs associated with it. Today I spoke to Chairman Casey to confirm that this was indeed the case, and he assured me further that the City GOP Committee obtained a permit several months ago to use Powers Park this evening.

Fair enough, we suppose. A night with political candidates sounds as inviting as a visit to a proctologist that's run out of vasoline, but to each his own.

According to the city charter, the following must also be done:

§ 2-14. Permission for use of City property.

The Mayor is authorized to enter into agreements with any charitable or not-for-profit organization permitting noncommercial use of City property for purposes and events that will promote the public good and welfare. Such agreement shall be for periods of use not to exceed five days and in substantially the form of an agreement on file with the offices of the Corporation Counsel of the City. Such organization shall carry a public liability, bodily injury and property damage insurance policy, covering the property to be used, and shall keep and hold harmless the City, its agents and employees for any and all claims, damages and liability of any kind whatsoever relative to or arising for or out of the use of the property. The liability policy and limits of liability shall be as approved by the Corporation Counsel of the City but in no event less than $500,000 for each person; $1,000,000 for each accident for personal injuries; and $20,000 for each accident for property damage. A certificate of insurance coverage shall be submitted to the Corporation Counsel before any use of such property, and the certificate shall include the City as additional named insured.

Tutunjian has promised to supply Dunne with all the necessary paperwork. And we all know what a Tutunjian promise is worth.

The City GOP paid Troy $200 on May 10 for the fundraiser. Does that include payment for any police assigned to the concert? EMS services? Clean-up? There's no payment disclosed for any insurance policy to protect the City. Was the appropriate insurance coverage acquired by the GOP?

A municipality certainly may not deny a permit to a political party based on what that party stands for. That would violate the First Amendment. What the City is not allowed to do is promote a political gathering with city money. (click on thumbnail)

This is quite disturbing. Who the hell is Cranberry the Clown?

The taxpayer-funded advertisement states:

So, it's funded, in part by the City? But it's not? It does appear to be part of The Collar City Live concerts and taxpayer dollars were spent on the advertisement. Care to explain, Harry? On second thought, save it. One can only stand so much B******T, even during election season.

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