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Monday, August 20, 2007


It's the eve of the County Committee meeting and we can hardly sleep. By tomorrow we'll know if the Democratic County Party Bylaws will be revised, galvanized and/or circumcised. The revised Bylaws passed overwhelmingly in June but Dems will gather again tomorrow night to vote and perhaps render a suit brought by North Greenbush Town Chair Jeff Spain moot.

In a recent letter, Spain argues that the revisions should not pass:

Rensselaer County Legislator Kevin Harrington responded to Spain's letter three days later:

- Contrary to Spain's assertion, the language of the proposed bylaws permits the County, Town or City Chairs to simply nominate a candidate for a vacancy in the County Committee. It is you, the Committee Members who decide these vacancies voting when they occur, not the County, City or Town Chairs.

- The County Chair is given NO power to over-rule anyone by this change. Committee members vote and decide.

- Spain is supporting Republican endorsed candidates. The County GOP has endorsed two of his candidates for town board and highway superintendent.

- You, the Members of the County Committee VOTED to appoint Charlie Smith, and Dan Ashley and myself to the County Committee. The County Chairman has no power to appoint anyone to the County Committee. Only you the membership have that power.

- Chairman Wade endorsed North Greenbush Highway Superintendent Mark Premo who has run twice with the unanimous support of the Democratic Party and is the largest vote getter in North Greenbush. He does not need Jeff Spain's blessing and would never endorse the Republican nominee as Spain is doing. Spain is attempting to purge anyone who will not obey his directives, including Mark Premo who has been highly supportive of our party. Chairman Wade's endorsement of Mark Premo was well deserved as will be affirmed at the Democratic Caucus which will rally behind him. Contrary to Spain's assertion, there is NO DA investigation of ANY member of this committee.

The lines are drawn.

An actual peek at the vacancy provision is anti-climatic:


(a) In the case of the death (including but not limited to dismemberment,decapitation and mauling by the county's rabid kitten population), declination, disqualification, resignation, removal from office of a member of the County Committee, or a failure to elect a member from an Election District, the vacancy caused thereby may be filled by the Members of the County Committee by the election of an enrolled voter of the Democratic Party qualified to hold such position and recommended by his or her County, City or Town Chairperson.

However, there is no truth to the rumor that in cases of vacancies caused by death the County Chair must sign the Death Certificate.

Of course, this nonsense distracts the Democrats from slightly more important issues: Issues the voters might even care about.

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