The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Thursday, August 30, 2007


According to Wednesday's Record (J. Franco, p. 4), DPW Commissioner Bob Mirch had a run-in with Beverly Khan, owner of Fourth Street Food Center Convenient Store (located on Fourth Street).

Ms. Kahn placed signs (or graffiti?) on a light pole. Well, Bobby doesn't want anything dangling from his pole.

Placing signs on city owned light poles is a code violation (unlike using taxpayer funded flyers to advertise for GOP events). Khan was previously warned about this infraction. According to Khan, public servant Mirch ripped down her signs. The police were called by both parties.

In order to cure Ms. Khan, Mirch then "layed hands" on her, spoke in tongues, handled a few snakes and the dispute was settled. Said Khan:

"He ripped down my signs and then grabbed me real tight by the arm and told me to get in the store and shut my mouth or there will be problems...Bob Mirch is a very angry person."

According to Mirch: "She is a liar." Mirch says she also called him "the devil." Reached by phone, Satan categorically denied being Bob Mirch: "I'd never live in Troy. Crime and taxes are just too high.

Funny, how many "liars" have run-ins with Bob.

Mirch and his pole are said to be in good condition and resting comfortably.

We'll be closed for the long weekend. Be safe.

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