The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Rensselaer County Chairman Tom Wade has invoked Rule 11.2 of the Party Bylaws, scheduling an official 'Do-Over' on Tuesday, August 21 2007 at Germania Hall.

The Committee will once again vote on revisions to the Bylaws. The most controversial provision revision would allow the County Chair to call a town caucus if the town chair refuses to do so.

The revised bylaws were originally passed in June but North Greenbush Chair, Jeff Spain brought a suit alleging that the vote approving the revised bylaws was improper. Apparently, Wade called for a voice vote instead of the One Potato-Two Potato method.

The whole point of this entirely pointless lawsuit was to ensure that no North Greenbush caucus was called. Why? That's up to you. If Spain had the votes for his slate of candidates why wouldn't he call a caucus? It now looks like a caucus will be held and if DeFreestville turns out, it could be interesting.

Other changes included in the revised bylaws:

The chair of the City of Troy Committee will henceforth be known as Formaggio Grande;


Less than a week after the citizens of Troy took back the night:

Six Saratoga County teenagers were arrested after a weekend vandalism spree that rolled across the city, Watervliet, Waterford and other parts of southern Saratoga County, Troy police said this morning.

More than 20 vehicles were damaged in Troy and the other communities that were targeted over the weekend in what police described as an "alcohol-fueled rampage." Other police agencies are assessing damage in their jurisdictions.

Saratoga County must be so proud.


County Democrats want to know what's up with the Jackson settlement? Typically, the GOP is mum.

Jimino's office has said she would not comment until the legislature votes on the settlement. It could do so at tonight's meeting.

Vote first and then you'll get the facts? Speaking theoretically, how can the Legislature decide whether to approve the settlement unless they know what "new evidence" warrants the abrupt, expensive turn-around?

Jimino is beginning to sound like Tutunjian, who never comments on pending legal matters....unless he comments on pending legal matters.

Local government reminds us of Central American governments, only without the ethics. And we sweat less. And we dress better.

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