The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Thursday, May 31, 2007



This week's Record featured an excellent Talespin, written by Jim Franco.

Primary numbers:
The talk of the town last week centered around which Republicans showed up at Henry Bauer's fund-raiser. Bauer is the Troy City Council president looking to primary the endorsed candidate for District Attorney Greg Cholakis. Word is Mayor Harry Tutunjian was there and so was Deputy Mayor Dan Crawley. So were Councilman Mark McGrath and Chairman of the Rensselaer County Legislature Neil Kelleher. They attended despite some in the party hierarchy, in particular city Chairman Tom Casey, still hoping to avoid a primary and strongly urging fellow Republicans not to attend. Casey was so upset he almost resigned - some say he did but then changed his mind.

You know things are bad when Tom Casey almost stumbles into compliance with the city's ethics rules.

As we mentioned in our May 16, 2007 edition, the invitation to Bauer's fundraiser identified his title (City Council President) but did not specifically identify the office Bauer seeks. If Bauer has left his options open, then Tutunjian and Co.'s presence makes sense. If Bauer was still going full-steam towards a primary with Cholakis, Tutunjian's presence is.....break out your number #2 pencils.

1. You're the mayor of a northeastern city. Police officers are accused of violating the Constitutional Rights of criminal defendants. You...

a) Call a press conference and affirm your committment to justice;

b) Seek the officers dismissal from the force;

c) Refuse to comment when things blow-up;

d) Plow some snow;

e) All of the above

2. You're the mayor of a northeastern city. A local judge is removed from office for violating the Constitutional Rights of defendants. You...

a) Offer him/her a job in the Corporation Counsels Office;

b) Recruit him/her to run for office;

c) Endorse him/her for office;

d) Donate money to his/her campaign for District Attorney;

e) Hope he runs for re-election to the City Council;

f) All of the above

If you finish early, please hand in your papers and quietly leave the room.

Speaking of Harry and the boys:

TROY - Colleen Regan will meet with an Albany County assistant district attorney on Friday to discuss a series of alleged improprieties involving shady electioneering, The Record has learned. Sources say the former employee of the Republican majority of the Rensselaer County Legislature will meet with ADA Steve Stein of the office's Public Integrity Unit.

The information in bold caught our attention. A "series of alleged improprieties..." Curious. Does that mean the Albany County DA's Office wants to hear about certain allegations concerning the 2005 Rensselaer County election? If so, there's something Regan may ask for and if the DA grants it, all hell will break loose. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Which may partially explain this:

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What's the rush, Harry? The election is months away. You don't expect people to start talking about the phone numbers now (especially the Las Vegas numbers). There's plenty of time for that. A bit anxious, are we?

Apparently City Council members are supposed to...what? Thank him for turning over what Council members have a right to receive? It's all about you, Harry, isn't it. As for the second paragraph? Dude, have your dopamine transporters checked out. And while you're at it, grab a CT scan of that premotor cortex.

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