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Monday, May 07, 2007


It's May 7, the day Troy residents celebrate Cinco de Mitchell. Activities will include not responding to FOIL requests, wasting the District Attorneys time and an hour-long seminar on "Mediocrity Attacking Excellence, What to do if it happens to you." There will also be a children's hour, where the kids are allowed to write letters and e-mails assaulting the legislative branch for making legitimate inquiries.

When we last left our hero, he had chastised the wicked Councilman from the 3rd ED, Peter Ryan. Mitchell characterized Ryan's behavior (allegedly trying to fix a parking ticket) as reprehensible and replete with official misconduct.

Yes, indeed, Mr. Mitchell. Mr. Ryan is the G. Gordon Liddy of our times.

In a strange twist, the day before the Mitchell-Ryan story appeared in The Record, Mitchell was the only Troy official to stand with Hank Bauer, as the disgraced judge announced he wanted to be the top law enforcement officer in Rensselaer County. Since Bauer couldn't follow the law as a judge, he should make one hell of a DA (with Mitchell as 1st Assistant?).

And wasn't it Mitchell's office that hired disgraced shakedown artist, Tom Spargo?

And isn't it Mitchell (although Buell is the official FOIL officer for the city) that has repeatedly violated the law by refusing to comply with legitimate FOIL requests including, but not limited to, disclosing his own Annual Disclosure?

And we all know about the Mary Kate O'Neil thing and the Brian Owens thing and the Bob Fitzgerald thing.....

Then there's our all-time favorite: Residency. Oh, we know about Lansingburgh (it is in the 'burgh, isn't it) but why the secrecy?

Why, for instance, can't Mitchell provide his address when he forks over donations to his boss? Under the law, all campaign contributions over $99.00 must be itemized and must include an address.

Here are Mitchell's (just click on the thumbnail):

To be fair, the contributor isn't responsible for ensuring his/her address appears on the financial disclosure documents. That's the treasurers responsibility. It just seems that Mitchell may not want to put Steve Pechenik in such a delicate spot.

Then there's the fact that Mitchell is not registered to vote in Rensselaer County. If he lives in Troy, why isn't he registered to vote? Doesn't he want to support the Mayor? Of course, he may live outside Troy, somewhere in Rensselaer County, and who could blame him for not voting. But, to not vote for the GOP Council ticket in '05 and not vote for Harry in 'o7 if you live in Troy? It's a poor way to thank your benefactor.

Thanks, Corp. Counsel, for keeping everyone on the up-and-up.

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