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Friday, May 18, 2007



Looks like the North Greenbush Democratic Committee has finally opened-up a can of Smith-Away. Mr. Smith and Mr. Ashley may soon get a Section-2 discharge.

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Here the section of the Election law that will be used to oust Smith and Ashley:

§ 2-116. Committee [Committees] [n1]; removal of member

A member or officer of a party committee may be removed by such committee for disloyalty to the party or corruption in office after notice is given and a hearing upon written charges has been had. The hearing shall be held by the committee, or a subcommittee thereof appointed for that purpose, which subcommittee shall report its findings to the full committee.

We know NG politics is rough business but we never thought they'd start removing members. After speaking with a professional, we were informed that the procedure must be done under completely sterile conditions and that most patients make a full recovery going on to lead almost normal lives.

It could very well be that the North Greenbush Party would be better off without Smith and Ashley. However, this probably will not work. Although it's counter-intuitive, one becomes a member of a local committee (in this case NG) by being elected to the county committee. Although the local committees are allowed to run the show in their respective towns, election as a committee person is actually an election to the county committee, not the town committee.

Note, it was the County Executive Committee that appointed Smith and Ashley to the committee. Their districts are in the Town of North Greenbush so therefore, they're on the NG Committee. The town committee has no authority to remove anyone from the county committee.

It may very well be time for Smith and Ashley to exit town politics. This isn't they way. It's open to challenge and that challenge will succeed.


Not as salacious as member removal, sources indicate that County Chair Tom Wade will (or has) circulate a letter declaring that he will not recognize Schodack Chairman Tim Nugent as party chair.

The reason for the shunning? Nugent won't run any candidates. There's probably more here than meets the eye but frankly, who cares?


The GOP finally has their At-Large slate set for Troy City Council.

It looks like (drumroll please)....Vito Ciccarelli, Maria Talerico and Stephen Miner.

Now please, control yourself. No nasty, personal comments. We don't care if one of these people got all tanked-up after a high school football game back in 1985 and puked all over your shoes. Ugly, personal comments will not be published. After all, we're not Republicans.

Although not yet confirmed, the Democratic slate looks like Campana, Brown and Foy. Again, that's not confirmed.

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