The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Tuesday, May 08, 2007



"déjà vu" (dey-zhah voo, vyoo; Fr) French for "already seen", also called paramnesia, describes the experience of feeling that one has witnessed or experienced getting your ass kicked by the PBA previously.

Troy PBA President Bob Fitzgerald is back on the job and the Administration has now lost another round to the TPD. Since this is a personnel matter we can't discuss the details.

However, it appears that there were allegations that someone threatened to shoot-up Officer Seney's home, not back Seney up on calls as well threats to give him (Seney) a "nasty purple-nurple."

According to the mayor's statement (and they never comment on personnel matters), the threatened officer alleged that Fitzgerald told him "he could be assaulted at work, that his home could be shot at, personal property destroyed and phone calls made to his wife about alleged extramarital affairs."*

Fitzgerald maintains he was only labeled as a witness and was never charged with anything. That may be the case but he sure as hell wasn't treated like a witness. How many witnesses are placed on administrative leave, banned from the police station then let back in but shadowed by a police escort?" If that's a witness then Chris Porco is a 'guest' of New York State.

Anyone out there think we've heard the last of this?


According to the Troy GOP website, Troy Republicans now have candidates in Election District 3 & 4.

In District Four, incumbent Councilman William Dunne will face:

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Dunne's opponent is Yourna me Goeshere (not sure we're pronouncing it properly). Although information is limited, Yourna me Goeshere, enjoys colorful top hats, finger-pointing and having his photo taken by someone who doesn't know how to use the auto-focus button.

Ryan's opponent in ED Three will be:

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The twin brother of Yourna me Goeshere, Sendre sume Today is a newcomer to local politics and not much is known about him.

Both brothers have had their left arm amputated below the elbow.


At the Thursday Night Council meeting, Republican Bob Brignola attacked the Administration's ethics. We're not sure what Brignola was talking about (and never really are). It probably has something to do with Brignola's relationship with the city.

The odd part was, Mayor Tutunjian felt the need to defend the city against the attacks of a man no one takes seriously. Tutunjian can take time to address Brignola's comments but still remains mum on Intimigate, a criminal investigation. Oh, right. He doesn't comment on personnel issues.

* The Record had doubts about the authenticity of the Mayor's press release:

After confirming the statement was indeed authentic, we asked the mayor what makes this internal affairs investigation different than the one involving the three police officers and the suspect who didn't get to talk to an attorney before he confessed to murder. (During and after that one, Tutunjian and others said they could not say a thing because it would violate the officers' civil rights.)"Lots" was his response. Asked how so, Tutunjian said, "I'm not talking," and walked away.

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