The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Wednesday, February 28, 2007



Mayors from across the state met in Albany to encourage/beg the state and federal government to pump more money into their communities. One mayor was absent. Perhaps Our Joe summed it up best:

"Where the hell is my mayor (Tutunjian)? laughed Bruno. "That's why (Albany Mayor) Jerry (Jennings) gets all the money ... he's here."

According to City Hall, Mayor Tutunjian's car was still plowed-in and he was unable to attend the meeting.


The mayor's absence could explain this....

The city has not paid Rensselaer County to dispatch its police and fire departments in 14 months, forcing the county to tell Troy it will end the communications service unless there's a new contract.

"Will work for 911 money."

Police, fire and ambulance calls in Troy account for nearly half the county dispatch center's activity, according to county statistics. The city paid $285,000 annually to the county under a 10-year contract for dispatch services that expired on Dec. 31, 2005.

In a effort to raise more revenue to pay for the services it uses, the Mayor has announced that all residents have to get paper routes.

Of note:

Jimino said previous efforts to get a new contract with the city have been fruitless. She said that since a meeting in September 2006, there had been no response from the city.

This isn't the first complaint that the administration doesn't return phone calls. Bruno's people make the same complaint. Twenty percent of Troy's budget is welfare from the state and federal government. When another municipality wants to work with you, you may want to return a phone call. Jennings probably returns calls and maybe that's why he gets the money.

Mayor Tutunjian has turned Troy into "that guy." The one who orders more than anyone else at the table and then announces he forgot his wallet....but he'll pick-up the tab next time.

Lets not be that guy.

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