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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Although the presses are still down, a friend was generous enough to let us use his computer. Thanks Jeff, and good luck with the sports radio program. We guess you were serious about hedging your bets.

A former Rensselaer County staffer has filed a complaint with the Division of Human Rights claiming her boss, Rich Crist, fired her for rebuffing* his sexual advances. Colleen Regan worked as the confidential assistant to the chairman of the legislature from January '06 until October 20, 2006.

Looks like a 'She said, He said' deal. We believe Regan can file suit even if the complaint lodged with the Division of Human Rights is dismissed. If the complaint is founded, that give a legal suit a lot of teeth. Attorneys, feel free to comment on the implications of the DHR's decision.

Obviously, no one knows the truth here besides Regan and Crist. What is interesting is the fact that two Rensselaer County legislators thought it appropriate to comment on the merits of Ms. Regan's complaint.

3 Job Bob announced that the allegations were, "B.S." Since he slings so much of it, maybe he's better at recognizing it. Neil Kelleher called the allegations, "nonsense."

Two guys that did not believe it was proper to alert Rensselaer County citizens about the legislative pay hike in '05, feel it's appropriate to comment on this matter? How do they decide what they will talk about?


The City Council retained former Supreme Court Judge Patrick Monserrate to conduct the Bouchard, Centanni, O'Neil hearing. Good choice. Monserrate has a fine reputation and few political ties to the area.

Always a fine idea to retain a solid judge in situations like this. It makes the O'Neil witch-hunt a little less odiferous.


More NG news! Check should not have been issued, political conspiracy, grassy knoll, little green men, cats and dogs, living together.....The NG's impersonation of the Weimer Republic continues.

*Oddly, the Division of Human Rights has no recorded complaints of sexual advances being 'buffed', only rebuffed.

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