The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The hearing that will decide the fate of three Troy Detectives has been adjourned to March 5, 2007.

No one seems to know the reason for the postponement. According to Corporation Counsel David B. Mitchell, the officer's attorney requested the adjournment.

However, according to Jim Franco's article in The Record (no link available), the officers did not request the adjournment. For one thing, if the request came from the officers, their unpaid suspension would continue. If the city seeks a delay, the unpaid suspension will end after thirty days.

Our guess? The the officers are ready to go and would not extend their unpaid suspension. More than likely, the city's case against at least one officer is falling apart.

You have to wonder why the administration treats our officers so poorly.

Poor Fredo. This wouldn't have happened if The Don was still alive!


Here's something you've all been dying to talk about. We're a bit late, but better late than never.
The City of Troy caved and gave Marian Drozd another $41,000 job. This one at the water plant. Drozd was fired three months ago from the personnel department but....was offered a job with the Police Department (Corporal?). She declined that offer and is now at the water plant.

We can't make heads nor tails of this story. Drozd is accused of falsifying documents (but if her daughter left a city job to attend HVCC the daughter wasn't terminated from the job and therefore the documentation was an error). So, Drozd is fired but offered a different job at the same salary which she declines. She's then offered another job which she accepts.

Sounds like another Fredo special.

How many times did Paulie call in sick this year?

The fights are ugly in local politics because so little is at stake.

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