The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, February 12, 2007


Things get curiouser and curiouser in The Bush.

At Thursday's meeting, where the propriety of Mr. Ashley's subdivision was discussed, Supervisor Mark Evers was slapped with a lawsuit. The suit seeks to unseat Evers, alleging misfeasance, malfeasance, governmental improprities and leaving the room without turning off the lights.

The lawsuit states that Evers illegally cut a check for 83-large to Casale Excavating without appropriate town board approval. The suit was commenced by Robert Price and the papers were served by Edward Dickinson, an associate of Ashley and CB Smith.

Meanwhile, attorney John Aretakis has filed suit demanding that at least one Aretakis story appear in local papers at least once a week.


Board of Ed candidate Ilene Clinton lost her appeal for a "do-over". Clinton claims that she lost a seat on the Troy Board of Education last year due to a faulty voting machine.

A voting machine in Clinton's home district of Brunswick registered only two votes for Clinton. That could say more about Clinton than the machine. All agree, however, that the machine was defective.

Clinton lost her appeal, according to her, based on two technicalities (or, as we like to say, relevant legal procedures). Clinton failed to hand-deliver her petition to Board President Michael Pollack who, at the time, was doing a fairly good impersonation of Harry Houdini. Clinton also failed to petition the other candidates who may have been affected by a revote.

Our take on this is too bad: Everyone agrees a problem existed with the machine. Some type of revote seems justified. However, for someone who wants to sit on the school board, Ms. Clinton needs improvement in following directions.


Carroll Hill Elementary will host it's first meeting on slaughterhouses on Tuesday. The meeting, hosted by Mayor Tutunjian and Councilwomen Collier will discuss the proposal to operate a slaughterhouse at Helmbold's, on Indistrial Park Road.

Who in their right mind would ever anticipate a slaughterhouse being operated on a street named Industrial Park Road?

"A lot of the zoning in the city is so outdated it needs to be changed to fit the current economy and the future of Troy. A good example of outdated zoning is this particular area which is currently zoned industrial but is mostly residential now," Collier said.

And the Council and Administration has only had three years to address the issue.

Guests are asked to bring their own stunners and cutlery if they want to participate in the demonstrations.

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