The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, February 05, 2007


Troy's hopes for an economic comeback were dashed last Thursday night when the City Council voted 9-0 for a moratorium on slaughterhouses. Previously unaware of an outbreak of slaughterhouses wishing to open in Troy, we still find the Council's decision puzzling.

This was a $7,000,000 project that would have stimulated the economy as well as provided jobs to out-of-work sledgehammer technicians, a large voting block in the Collar City. The slaughterhouse was not only an excellent economic opportunity, it would have enhanced Ms. Collier's own neighborhood, with opportunities like Family Fun Night and Make Your Own Steak Night.

Mr. McGrath's vote was of particular interest. For a man that heralds a new Dunkin' Donuts as major economic development, we thought he'd jump on a $7 million dollar deal.

Granted, the idea of a slaughterhouse pales when compared to Harry's Hotel. Yes, at the State of the City Address, the Mayor let slip that a developer was possibly interested in thinking about maybe building a hotel next to City Hall. The hotel, when built, will:

1) serve as temporary housing for the Industrial Roadway construction crews;
2) host meetings of the Blue Ribbon Water Selling Panel;
3) get the first tax credit for new infill construction, Columbus, OH style;
4) provide competition for Joe Bruno's hotel.


If all goes as scheduled, the Centanni, Bouchard, O'Neil hearing will begin on Wednesday. There may be a request for an adjournment as well as separate hearings for each officer. This is going to be a bumpy ride. The fact that O'Neil faces termination has soured a majority of TPD on the administration. If O'Neil is terminated, that rift will only grow and may have repercussions in the upcoming election.

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