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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


We may have to change our endorsement.

According to the Time Union:

The wife of U.S. Rep. John Sweeney called police last December to complain her husband was knocking her around'' during a late-night argument at the couple's home, according to a document obtained last week by the Times Union.

The emergency call to a police dispatcher triggered a visit to the couple's residence by a state trooper from Clifton Park, who filed a domestic incident report after noting that the congressman had scratches on his face, the document states. No criminal charges were filed.
Gaia M. Sweeney, 36, told a trooper that her husband had grabbed her by the neck and was pushing her around the house, according to the document.

Here's the 'barely legible' document.

The couple is rumored to have argued about House Resolution 25778, which would make May 2, Dick Tidrow Day.

Perhaps this explains why Sweeney's latest ad, where he and Gaia are seated on a couch while Sweeney talks about attacks on his wife, looks more like a hostage video than a campaign commercial.

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