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Friday, November 10, 2006



We didn't write much on the Sweeney - Gillibrand race for the 20th Congressional District. Other sites covered the race quite well, especially the Times Union blog, Capitol Confidential. We do have a few thoughts on the race.

1. We are not convinced Gillibrand would have won in the absence of the "domestic dispute" issue. Many of her people claim the race was close but it seems clear that either the original story or, more likely, the Sweeney camp's abysmal response doomed John's chances. So, which was it. The initial report or the inadequate response?

2. Sweeney's concession speech was odd. His actions on Monday were low-key and pointed to a man who saw the handwriting on the wall. Yet, he seemed visibly shaken at the final outcome. The speech was shrill and not his finest moment.

3. The GOP response to the "domestic dispute" report was hypocrisy at its finest. During the past 15 years, Republicans (no, not all) have relied upon the worst campaign tactics. They have accused Clinton of murder, those who did not serve a day in the military have attacked decorated combat veterans, including some in their own party. In Tennessee, the GOP Senate candidate ended up running on a slogan of "here's a black man after white woman." And, worst of all, the RNC paid for ads that were, in short, the classic definition of terrorism: Vote Republican or bin Laden will kill you and your family. After all, what is terrorism but using fear for political gain?

So, here come Kirsten. She has top-notch, professionals running a campaign against an incumbent in a heavily Republican district. We do not know who leaked the domestic disturbance report to the media. If it was Gillibrand, good. If the roles were reversed, the GOP slime machine wouldn't give using such a report a second thought. Boo-hoo.

4. Gillibrand will not be a backbencher for long. Like her or not, she'll become one of the new faces of the Democrats. She'll get a good committee assignment and don't be surprised if Pelosi taps her to make frequent appearances on shows like Hardball etc. Democrats know she'll face a tough challenge in two years and they'll want every advantage. They'll also highlight Gillibrand as one of the Democrats that knocked off an incumbent in a heavily Republican, mostly rural district.


Another GOP failure. Who ran Reid's campaign? If it was the same fellow that lost Nassau and North Greenbush, you have to wonder if he earned his pay raise in 2005. Hopefully, he'll run the county legislative races next time around.


Does anyone know the status of contract negotiations between the City and the PBA? Just curious what's going on.

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