The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, November 27, 2006


In the fine tradition of third-graders everywhere, the Administration is blaming everyone but themselves for losing up to $1.1 million in HUD grants. The chronicle of Administration incompetence can be read found in Tim O'Brien's article.

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Money available for 2002-2003 should have been earmarked for a specific project by 2004. Money from 2003-2004 should have been earmarked for a specific project by 2005. This failure occurred on Harry's watch.

As for the first screw-up, we should cut him some slack. Harry had only been mayor for a few months by mid-2004 (although he was Council President for the proceeding two years and, theoretically, knew what was going on).

However, blaming TRIP and CEO is disingenuous. You 'da big boss man, Harry. Time to step up to the plate. The City had oversite of the programs and should have been monitoring these things. Tutunjian would have been the first one in front of a camera if these funds had been awarded for projects in Troy, so guess who gets the blame?

A few queries:

1- Once the program went "in-house" did anyone bother to look at the numbers or did this information (the loss of the money) come as a surprise to the Administration?

2- Why do we find it difficult to believe that two Not-for-Profits did not utilize all the available funds they had access to?

3- Would a thorough review of the books, once brought "in-house" have been a more urgent priority than monitoring computer use at City Hall or tearing down marquees?

4- Does this mean we don't get the faux lighthouse?


The Rensselaer County Deputy Sheriff's PBA took out a full page ad in The Record on Sunday accusing Bob Mirch of being a threat to public safety. The Deputy Sheriffs are fighting the elimination of road patrols in Rensselaer, a measure first suggested by Bob Mirch.

The add asks, "Who would you rather see respond to your house?" Then a picture of Mirch alongside a picture of two sheriffs with a dog.

Personally, we'd like to see Mirch, especially if he comes with music and his tear-away suit.

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