The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


RJ Carignan's suit for breach of contract against the City of Troy has been tossed out of court by Judge Michael Lynch. City Hall must be breathing a collective sigh of relief. After all, Administration officials have assured us that the case would never go to a jury.

Wait a minute....just kidding. Judge Lynch denied the city's motion for summary judgment and the trial starts December 4, 2006.

Nothing says Christmas like the Mayor of Troy on the witness stand, trying to answer questions.

The Troy Polloi has requested a press pass for the trial. We await a response. Perhaps someone would like to cover the trial for us. Let us know. The pay stinks but the benefits and pension plan are pretty good.

The trial could cause friction within the ranks. Harry has thrown the Comptroller and Corporation Counsel under the bus on this baby. To the extent the City wins, it probably won't matter. If they lose, it will be, in Harry's own words, because, " comptroller and corporation counsel identified that they were able and willing to save us money, and I was okay with that, and that's why we went with them."

Looks like a jury will decide, as it should be.

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