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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Two alert readers brought this to our attention. In the interests of fairness, we'll share it with you.

NewsChannel 13 obtained what appears to be a state police document that gives a different account than what was made public last week.

The document that made headlines last week called the incident at Sweeney's house a “domestic dispute.” A document obtained by NewsChannel 13 Monday shows the same incident number, but there's no mention of a domestic dispute.

In the incident report leaked to some newspapers last week, a state trooper described an altercation at the Sweeney home. It said the congressman was knocking his wife, Gayle Sweeney, around the house and that Rep. Sweeney had scratches on his face.

State police assign incident numbers to all of their calls. Last week's report was incident number 1330902.

A new document, with the same incident number, which sources say came from a state police computer, changes the nature of the call to the Sweeney house on Dec. 2. The new document calls it an "aid-assist citizen" and removes the description of the events.
Like last week's document, state police refuse to comment on, or authenticate the new one.

Unfortunately, Sweeney did his Houdini impersonation rather than confront reporters.

Meanwhile, Sweeney has received some unexpected help. Former pro-football star OJ Simpson has vowed to find the real report, no matter how long it takes.

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