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Friday, November 03, 2006


It's Endorsement time and will be turning things over to our new correspondent, Trojan Gal.


By Trojan Gal*


This was a hard one, folks. One guy named Eliot and one named John. Since Johns are my bread and butter, I have to go with John Faso. He has a full head of hair, all his teeth and is very well-groomed.

The one problem I have with Faso is his stance against gay marriage. I am sick and tired of politicians protecting homosexuals and giving them special rights. Why are they protected from the trauma of marriage. They don't have to plan and pay for a wedding, they don't suffer the marriage tax penalty, they don't have to deal with divorce and they don't have mothers - in law. Stop coddling the gays, John and let them suffer like straight people suffer.


Easy. Alan Hevesi. Why? Because he knows how to treat a lady. I do a lot of work in cars and I know that every gal dreams of a chauffeur? Especially when the cost doesn't cut into the household expenses. Good for you, Alan, baby.


Jeanine Pirro, hands down. Any woman who considers taping her husband is A-OK in my book. She's put up with enough crap from that loser. He's single-handedly ruined an otherwise promising career. She deserves something. Treat yourself to a statewide office, honey, and a facial.


Another John, this one Sweeney. Because like Alan, he knows how to treat a lady.

* Troan Gal lives and works in Troy, NY

There you have it. We hope the influence of our endorsements will give each candidate the added edge they need to pull it out next Tusday.

Well, it looks like the Drozd saga may finally be over. That and much more, next week.

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