The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Tuesday, September 13, 2005



Found via Talespin

It looks like serial-public sector employee Mirch has a fourth job: putting unsuspecting people on the ballot.

According to newspaper accounts, thanks to Mirch, William Gilboe is a Working Families Party candidate for City Council from the 4th District. He'll be on the ballot today in a primary fight against Bill Dunne, the endorsed candidate.

That's all well and good but Gilboe doesn't want to run and can't get off the ballot. It sounds like a Woody Allen movie. In a state known for archaic election laws many would-be candidates struggle to get on the ballot. Now, someone can't get off the ballot. It's all so Kafkaesque.

This is one small example of why people are disgusted with politics. Its also an example of why third parties, at least the way they're used in New York, should go. They're a joke. They don't run anyone for office locally. They endorse a Republican or a Democrat. They're only function is to make their leaders politically powerful so they can barter votes for influence. They have no ideology. The Conservative Party isn't Conservative, not on the local level. It's all about power. Too bad the rank and file can't see it for what it is. Their masters grow fat on public paychecks while the rank and file talk about a conservative agenda. Quite sad.

It's also apparent that Mirch is scared of Dunne. Why else go after him so hard? We guess the Republicans simply can't stand the fact there is one elected Democrat on the City Council. Where does a man with three jobs find the time to do all this? Does the world spin slower for Mirch? Our prediction, Dunne wins easily.


As for ideology, well see in the next few weeks. Tax Hike Harry has to submit a budget soon and it will likely contain a tax increase. The question is, how much? This would be Harry's third tax hike. One hike occured when he was Council President and had a veto-proof majority. He didn't stop Pattison's tax increase. Then he had his own tax increase last year. This year, there will be another one. Harry is just wild about taxes. Most municipalities have a 60/40 commercial/residential split in their tax base. Troy, as in so many other things, is just the opposite. Hoosick Street = Wolf Road? What a load of Mirch.

The only thing that will save him is moving some of the money around, maybe from the water settlement. That will be a temporary band-aid but that's all. This is what happens when you put the slow kids in charge. Remember, when Democrats raise taxes they're "Tax and Spend liberals." When Republicans do it, they're "Fiscally responsible."

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