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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Remember, you heard it here first.

Mirch attempted to defeat Dunne for the District Four Working Families Party line in two ways. Mirch ran Mr. Gilboe, without Gilboe's consent and he collected signatures for Pascarell on an Opportunity to Ballot petition. Both efforts failed miserably. It's obvious that the recent stories about No-Show Bob have thrown him off his game.

The Opportunity to Ballot petition is the one that raises a potential fraud issue. An Opportunity to Ballot apparently allows a write-in candidacy, in this case, for the WFP line. Sounds like a Hail Mary to us.

First, here is the petition:

Image hosted by

Note, the petition doesn't even identify the District Four candidate that people are signing the petition for. Sloppy work Bob. Maybe all your other jobs distracted you.

It's the last signature we're interested in.

Here is the signature card for that alleged voter:

Image hosted by

Now lets compare the two signatures:

Image hosted by

Funny, the two look nothing alike. Wonder how that happened. The second signature is from the voter card. It looks like a real signature. The 'P' and 'D' are distinctive as is the remainder of the last name.

The signature from the petition looks like a 5th grader, after suffering a debilitating head injury, downed two pints of Wild Turkey, lit up a crack pipe and decided to forge a signature.

Someone from the liberal media should follow this up. We know it's not a "real story". If someone does look into this, here's a friendly bit of advice from a journalistic colleague: don't just call Mirch and take his word for it.

Some other questions:

Does this voter work for the city or county in any capacity?

This deserves a look and one would think an enterprising reporter may find it of interest.

Remember, if Mirch is involved it:

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Fair and Balanced! We Report...You Decide!

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