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Thursday, September 15, 2005



The excitement and pageantry of Primary Day is behind us. What a nailbiter. We love the fact that you can win the Working Families Party line or Independence line 7-6 or 3-2. We also find it amusing that the Independence Party is controlled by the Republicans. Kind of defeats the purpose now, doesn't it.

Dan Doran got crushed and will have one line to Wojcik's three. Dunne survived Mirch's lame attempt to take the WFP line. Absentee ballots have yet to be counted but sources close to the TP tell us that Dunne will win handily. Next time Mirch may want to run someone who wants the job. Perhaps he should concentrate on getting the garage roof at the DPW fixed.

In related news, the TP has heard something very interesting about Mr. Pascarell. According to sources, the Pascarell campaign circulated petitions for the Working Families Party line. Pascarell was able to round-up five signatures. One person had already signed Dunne's petition so that signature was invalid. Two other signatures were determined to be "not authentic".

What the hell does "not authentic" mean? False? Forgeries perhaps? We suppose there are two possible scenerios: 1) Someone claiming to be the signator signed the petition or 2) The person circulating the petition signed someone else's names. In the first scenario you can't really blame the person collecting the petitions (someone signs for their brother perhaps and the petitioner doesn't know either person). In the second scenario, someone should take a look to see who forged names.

Perhaps Mr. Pascarell can help us out here since he's a man of honesty and integrity (and we know he is because we've read his literature). What happened Bill? What campaign workers got bad signatures or forged them? Was it Pascarell? Is this the type of competence we can expect from Councilman Pascarell? Why did Harry fire you? Are you ever going to leave that damn chair in your permanent headquarters? Can we bum a smoke? Someone should look into this and do a story. Hell, maybe we'll do it.


Signs, signs, signs. You know it's Fall when the leaves start to turn and political signs sprout up over night. Extrapolating support from political signs is never a wise move. However, we did notice one thing this year. Rarely, in our experience, do you see a Republican and Democratic candidate sharing the same lawn (that's known as sign-mixing and frowned upon by the more conservative elements of society). We do think it's interesting that a few LoPorto signs have appeared next to Mirch signs or other Republican candidates. Something tells us LoPorto has a real shot. He may not win but we think he'll be much more competitive than expected. If he does win, we hope he'll winter and summer in Troy.


Finally, what does Bob Armet have against Uncle Sam? At a recent meeting, Armet was less than enthusiastic about giving the Uncle Sam parade $4000. How dare he! Treason? We think so. Where's the outrage? After all, the man did pack meat (and historians now believe that Sam Wilson did wear a shiny, red, white and blue suit).

Excellent piece from Tim O'Brien today.

Next Week - We'll investigate allegations that a sandwich has been named after Dan Crawely

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