The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, September 26, 2005


Too many news stories all at once. Unfortunately, we don't have time to give them all the extensive coverage you have come to expect from this outstanding media source.

We would like to thank Albany Eye for the nice write up we received. Albany Eye has some interesting posts about the local media scene and you should check them out.

Wrath of God Hits Hoosick Street, Twice!

Two water main breaks last week shut down Hoosick Street and confirmed our suspicion that God hates Troy. No-Show Bob and his crew did show up and repaired the breaks, toot sweat and we applaud the speedy job they did. After all, that is their job.

Troy, like any other older city, has old pipes. They are going to break. No one is at fault. The cost of implementing a new, updated system has to be astronomical (that means really expensive, Bob). Clearly, beyond the current means of Troy and most cities for that matter. We suggest a long-term study, a master plan and it never hurts to form a committee to explore modernizing the water system. We like long-term plans because that one guy always brings really good donuts to the meetings.

With two more Acts of God, Harry may be rethinking his relationship with the Almighty. Which may explain....

Guardian Angels

Mike LoPorto and Frank Lamiano, Democratic At-Large Council candidates invited the Angels and Curtis Sliwa back to Troy. Now it looks as if Harry is doing an about-face. We don't know whether to call Harry a flip-flopper or congratulate him on keeping an open mind. It's quite a conundrum. If things work out with the Angels, the people can thank tough-on-crime Democrats Mike LoPorto and Frank Lamiano.

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Trying it on for size

Judicial Races

There was a nice story on Robert Jacon in the Times Union. He appears to be a distinguished man, lawyer, former judge, former Air Force Reserve Colonel. Jacon has the background and experience to be County Court Judge. He's also the only real choice. DeAngelis will be a disaster and is wholly unfit for the job. If she does win her rulings will likely keep the Appellate Division busier than Paris Hilton's headboard.

Ballot Challenges

A prediction. Today, Judge Canfield will hold a hearing where the Republicans will challenge the residency of an absentee voter in Working Families Party primary. They will either lose or will withdraw their petition. If they do not withdraw their petition, they will look foolish wasting the court's time.

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