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Friday, September 30, 2005


Not much time today so we'll be back next week.

We have a budget with a moderate 1.49% tax hike. If it is a solid budget that hasn't overestimated revenue (such as the city's share of the County's sales tax) we applaud the mayor. It's still another Republican tax hike but it sure isn't unduly burdensome. It will take some time to dissect the numbers but there's no doubt this is an election year budget.

If this is a bare-bones budget with nothing further to cut, next year will be the real test. Without more revenue streaming in, it's hard to see how this budget isn't just a gift to the Republican City Council candidates.

In other news, we'd like to take time to thank our readers. The Troy Polloi has passed it's previous all-time high in visitors per month. In August, we had 2,500 visits. This September that number has grown to 3,200. Thanks to all. Whether you like the TP or hate it, thank you for your patronage.

Without the dollars we earn from our subscribers and advertisers, we wouldn't be able to keep this going. Have a fine weekend.

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