The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, September 12, 2005


How do you know it's election time? The City Council is introducing legislation. That's always a good tip-off that election day is right around the corner.

Our favorite piece of legislation is by Council member Collier. Ms. Collier proposed legislation that would make it illegal for people to place their satellite dish on the front of their homes. Collier then withdrew the legislation because gas prices shot through the roof and she didn't want the people burdened by high gas prices and the cost of moving the dish to the rear or side of the house.

We could not agree more with Ms. Collier's initial idea, satellite dishes that are anchored to the front of homes are an eyesore. It's tacky, it's ugly and the practice is certainly not condoned by anyone of proper breeding.

Yet, when it comes to real property, we should always begin with the idea that in general, a person can do what he or she wants with their own property. Of course there are exceptions, especially if acts or omissions may endanger the health or safety of others. Still, we can't understand why "conservatives" want to interfere with private property rights. Mere aesthetics? If that were the case, we'd like to add to the list:

1) Those mechanical Santa's, tacky and annoying;
2) No purple or pink houses;
3) No more trailers, not even double-wides;
4) All facades should be appropriately maintained, no more boarded up buildings;
5) City Hall has to go as do most buildings dating from the 1970's;

There should also be a prohibition against wearing polyester in public.

Collier should concentrate on killing any expansion of the County Jail. Unlike Dunne, we do not believe it is practical to relocate the jail. Stopping the expansion is practical and would help South Troy share in the Golden Age of Tutunjian. If expansion does occur then the jail will be a permanent blight on South Troy's future. Prime waterfront property should not house prisoners. And please, no brownfields arguments. If the land was dangerous would the County let it's C.O.'s work there everyday? If there is a problem with the land, it can be cured.

The Democratic At-Large candidates should make a big push for South Troy votes. It's a neglected area and has been for some time.

What could be done in South Troy?

This City deserves a National Labor Museum. Not just a building with a few old pieces of iron but a full-fledged museum and research center. Troy played a pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution and the organized labor movement. Faux lighthouses are cute, parades honoring symbols are fine, but Troy's real heritage and the contribution it made to this country remain largely unrecognized.

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