The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It's fair to say that the new Council majority has hit some bumps in the road. That's not unusual when no one in the majority has ever been in the majority and the Corporation Counsel's Office has chosen to be obstructionist rather than to counsel. This is especially true when you try to do too much too soon. People are not used to a Council acting like an independent branch of government. There will be bumps and mistakes. We remember when the GOP majority, with the Mayor's help, took three tries to pass their utility rate increase. Fun times.

The "Home-Dividing ban" is a case in point. We're not sure how we feel about it. We understand the reasoning and we realize that most people support the plan. Well, the Mayor issued another veto and it looks like they will tighten-up the law. A good thing if you support the law. That's not the real story here.

No, people, the real story is a concerted effort by the Times Union to bury the real story about why Tutunjian vetoed the ordinance.

The scrubbed-up version can be found here.

``The City Council has taken an idea that had originally garnered support from my office and turned it into a new law with far reaching impact, all the while thumbing their noses at the people and the process in which good government is conducted,'' Tutunjian said in a statement.

As usual, we have no idea what Tutunjian is babbling about. Public Committee meetings, public input and the Administration had an opportunity to weigh-in and didn't. This must be his way of laying partisanship aside as suggested in his State of the City Address.

Anyway, "thumbing their noses..." Is that what the Council did? Thumb their noses at the people? That's not what he accused the Council of doing in the original story. Luckily, we took a screenshot of the real story:

We refer you to paragraph four, where the Mayor accusses the Council of "...thumbing their hoses at the people..." Disturbing, to say the least. Troy cannot afford a blind, hairy-palmed Council.

As for good government: Harry wouldn't know good government if it sat up and bit him on the hose.

Gotta go, Code Enforcement is knocking at the door.

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