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Wednesday, February 27, 2008



Darrel Aubertine, the Democratic candidate for the 48th Senate District (Watertown area), has won the special election to replace James Wright, a Republican. Some dispute that this was an upset.

Up until this year, the 48th SD was little more than a remote outpost in Joe Bruno's empire. This special election changed all that, reducing Bruno's majority to 1 vote. If you don't think it was important to the political landscape consider the fact that the combined cost of the election will be over $4,000,000.

The area also saw an influx of campaigners, professional and otherwise, from all areas of the state. Senate staffers were even dispatched to the frontier, opening up valuable parking spaces at the Capitol.

Our own Bob Mirch was even dispatched to the 48th. Or at least that's what he told us at the Friends of 112 Street Dinner. We're not sure which job this assignment fell under but we're guessing he was liaison-ing up there, perhaps making phone calls. Good thing Troy wasn't bracing for a possible snowstorm.

This hurts Bruno. Other than that we don't know how much we learn from this election. Aubertine faced a 35,000 vote enrollment disadvantage. At 5:30PM on Monday, the Court of Appeals ruled that Barclay could have the Independence line. The Democratic governor, currently more unpopular than syphilis, couldn't have helped much either. Perhaps all this means is that Aubertine was the better candidate and that being the scion of an area political family may be, in 2008, a political disadvantage.


Rumor has it that the State Department of Parks and Recreation has sent an opinion letter indicating that Kennedy Park, approved for sale to SEFCU by the outgoing Council, is indeed parkland and cannot be alienated without the approval of the State Legislature.

Imagine.... you can't even be alienated these days without government interference. We phoned Parks & Recreation for a comment but we kept getting transferred to the Picnic Bureau. We should have the letter today or tomorrow.



On the one hand, you got your heroes.

On the other...Dude! Where's your car?

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