The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We initially thought Three Job Bob's letter in Monday's The Record criticizing someone for having more than one public job was satire. Apparently, it wasn't.

Since 3JBob likes asking questions so much perhaps he'd like to answer a few:

1) Which of your three jobs is neglected as you monitor Mr. Martiniano's attendance at City Hall?

2) Since City Hall, according to your boss, is a death trap, isn't it wise for everyone to minimize their presence at City Hall?

3) Would your recent payraise have helped to pay for salt/sand so the DPW could ensure the safety of residents driving on Troy's poorly maintained streets?

4) Which job were you working when you transported a County employee to City Hall for political purposes?

5) Will you devote the same time and energy ensuring that Code Enforcement is no longer used for political retaliation that you devote to safeguarding your raise?

6) Just how did Code come to ticket Mr. deSeve? Are we to believe your story, your employee's story or the Mayor's story?

7) How did Code come to ticket Mr. DeBonis less than twenty-four hours after your pay raise was in jeopardy?

8) Will you help ensure that the Corporation Counsel drafts legislation that is requested rather than obstruct the Council?

9) Will you help us ensure that Mayoral appointees don't intimidate City employees into joining minor political parties (especially while sitting in DPW vehicles that are parked in the City Hall garage)?

10) You served your FOIL requests upon Council members. They turned over those requests to the FOIL Officer, Mr. Buell. Have you asked Mr. Buell for a response? Have you filed an appeal?

11) Will you go for the trifecta and obtain a raise as Bruno's Constituent Liaison? Will it be before or after the election?

We do not intend to defend the Troy City Council or other Democrats on a regular basis. They're big boys and girls and can defend themselves and take their lumps when deserved. It is pathetic however, when a County Legislator, Department of Public Works Commissioner and Bruno "Liaison" is reduced to attacking a part-time, City Council appointee. If your political stature is defined by who you go after....well this is just sad.

Note to The Record: You could always use the space wasted on Mr. Mirch's drivel to investigate the use of Code Enforcement for political retaliation. It's that pesky First Amendment issue, your bread & butter, and it would be actual news.

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