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Friday, February 29, 2008


We'll cover the SEFCU debacle next week. Lots to talk about. We'll make some coffee and chat.


Candidates in the 21st CD are raking in the endorsements.

Albany County Legislator Phil Steck enveiled his endorsements:

Albany County Legislators William Clay (city of Albany), Norma Chapman (city of Albany) joined Rensselaer elected officials County Legislator Kevin Harrington (North Greenbush), Rensselaer Mayor Dan Dwyer, City Clerk Maureen Nardacci, City Councilman Dominick Tagliento, and former Amsterdam Mayor John Duchessi.

Here's Phil's website.

Tracey Brooks has landed another McNulty. She's also added the Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Union Local #2. Never bad to snag a union.

Here's Tracey's website (she lets us call her Tracey).

Lester Freeman also joined the scrum.

But, the big news in the 21st? According to Liz Benjamin's The Daily Politics, former Assemblyman Paul Tonko may be in for a run. If he does take the plunge it looks like he'll have Stratton's support. Interesting.


City Hall has been put out to bid. Here's the Times Union story.

Tutunjian noted that if the city is unsuccessful in finding a developer for the project, his office will look to the City Council to come up with funding to repair the existing building, which he estimated could cost anywhere between $5 and $10 million.

But...but...under the Charter the Council can't make budget appropriations....remember....

Actually, this is what many residents wanted. The City Hall Committee should finish shortly after the bids are in and everything can proceed smoothly. After all, it's Troy.

Amy Halloran has a good take on the game.

And yes, The Troy Polloi will be submitting a bid.

UPDATE: Judge deal is reportedly dead..... Angry citizens lash out at Mayor....swarm of locust spotted.....


Always nice to see a new crop of people telling us what we should be able to see or read. We're not big fans of this type of thing. Our taste runs more to those French guys who painted naked ladies at picnics but to each his or her own.

And from the South Troy Neighborhood Watch:

At about 2:30 today a male photographer, and his naked (most likely cold) subject were taking photos in Frear Alley on the South Side of Washington Street. Although we got it on camera, it is fuzzy (sorry guys). The subjects were in an older model Blue Buick LeSabre. The incident was reported to police immediately by a responsible resident. The police responded immediately but they were gone and If you see anything like this going on, please report it to the police at 270-4411, the non-emergency number.Thanks for watching out for the indecent exposure.

And, if the subject was attractive, you can always call us. We doubt it though. How many times have you seen an attractive model in a "older model Buick LeSabre?"

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