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Thursday, February 14, 2008



There's been many comments lately that we have not published. The comments deal with goings-on in the Troy Police Department. While we'll publish some, many relate to possible criminal conduct on the part of officials and/or officers. We'll do our best to investigate the allegations.

What we won't do is publish comments that accuse people of criminal conduct unless we have a good-faith belief that the person has engaged in such conduct and that such conduct is criminal. No offense, but an anonymous comment on a blog just doesn't meet even our low standards.

The other type of comments we won't publish are those that (many times accurately) describe the personal/emotional problems of individuals. This holds true for public officials and it's especially true for failed political candidates, whether female or male, Republican or Democrat. If an indiviudal's emotional problems impact their duties as public officials that fact may be relevant. Those that lose elections and return to private life are, for our purposes here, irrelevant.


From The Record:

The nine-member City Hall Review Committee now is considering if the possible sale of city hall to Judge Development Company would even be legal since the sale never went out to bid to other companies.

City’s Corporation Counsel Dave Mitchell has said yes. Former Deputy Mayor Jim Conroy, who also lost the mayoral election in November, thinks not.

To resolve the dispute, the committee will send letters to the state attorney general and the state comptroller’s office.

While they're at it, they may want an opinion on:

1) Whether the property is "waterfront" property and can be sold without the approval of the State Legislature;

2) Whether the proposed SEFCU site is "parkland" and whether it can be sold without the approval of the State Legislature;

3) Whether there is an afterlife and if so, is there a dress code?

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