The City of Troy, New York, "Where Henry Hudson Turned Around."

Monday, October 15, 2007


Remember when you didn't have to lock your doors? When everyone in the neighborhood knew one another? Movies were only $7.50? No one got divorced and homosexuality had not yet been invented?

That was way back in 2005, when the Congress-Ferry Street Project was all the rage:

The project involves the creation of a Master Plan for an inter-municipal and multi-partner collaboration (City of Troy, Rensselaer County, RPI & Troy Housing Authority) to reconstruct and redevelop the Congress Ferry Street Corridor, emphasizing its connections to the RPI campus and the County office building. The Master Plan will guide a downtown revitalization initiative that includes the development of low and moderate income housing, creation of housing for graduate students, re-alignment of Congress/Ferry Street, design of a pedestrian friendly streetcape and development of businesses. The project is needed to effectively coordinate the multiple program elements and to successfully integrate the development within the context of its urben setting.

Quotes from the four stakeholders can be found here.

We were also excited to see the Untied Hedley team. The Tied team is way too sedate. But enough nitpicking.

Four separate entities? Four stakeholders? Well, it looks like there's a fifth stakeholder. One we like to call the mystery stakeholder.

We hope one of the four Congress-Ferry Street Project stakeholders intends to bid on those properties. Those parcels appear to be in the redevelopment initiative area and anyone who purchases them really should be in on the project. Come to think of it, the Administration hasn't issued a press release about this project since July 2006. Maybe it really is like Mayor Tutunjian says, "partnership and redevelopment initiative the likes of which are rarely seen."

Don't forget your bidding paddles.

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